Our Benefits:
High profitable returns.
 Long-term program.
 Guaranteed daily interests.
 Long-term program.
 Anonymous clients are accepted.
 No admin fee.
 No statistic manipulation.
 Daily payouts directly to your account.
 Customers privacy protection.
 24/7 support.



Invest Perfect Money

Deposit Amount Payout ( Automatic System)
$200-$1999 2500% of your Investment after 4 hours
$2,000-$4,999 3000% of your Investment after 4 hours
$5,000-$14,999 3500% of your Investment after 3 hours
$15,000-$29,999 4000% of your Investment after 2 hours
$30,000-$300,000 5000% of your Investment after 2 hours

The minimum invest Perfect Money amount is $200 and the maximum is $300,000. Payouts are made directly to the PerfectMoney account you invested from. You may make additional deposits at any time. All transactions are handled via Perfect Money.


Minimum deposit

200 US$

Maximum deposit

300,000 US$

Withdrawal type

Auto Withdrawal

Accept e-currencies type

Perfect Money

US worth of Perfect Money:


Your Contact E-mail


We also accept Bitcoin payments. If you would like to make a deposit by Bitcoin,
please send your payment to our Bitcoin address(min 0.04 btc):


Steps on making deposit using Bitcoin:
Step 1: Download and run the Bitcoin software or get an online bitcoin wallet.
Step 2: Buy bitcoin.
Step 3: Make a transfer into our bitcoin address. (You can find our bitcoin address in our site)
Step 4: Mail to us with your bitcoin address. Then Waiting for your payment,we will send payment automatic and directly into your Bitcoin wallet.
Step 5: Sell your Bitcoins.

We accept pay deposit offline, If you want to deposit via payeer, Just mail to us , then we will give you our payeer account , You need to make a deposit to our payeer account via payeer.com, Last we will pay to your payeer account which you are deposit from automatic. Min is $200 for payeer investors.


High Yield Investment Programmes Our referral program pays 5% of spends made by persons you refer directly to your Bitcoin account. Your referral link is: http://www.highinterestinvestments.net/?xxxxxxx - where xxxxxxx is your Perfect Money account number. Financial Hyip By investing with highinterestinvestments.net you declare that you have read, understood, and accepted our Conditions.





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